• Main label: Innervisions
  • City of origin: Porto
  • Currently located: Porto

An artist who everyone has got on their radar, Trikk’s musical identity is a formation of life and experience, bringing his unique persona to much acclamation.

Behind the name lies a humble (foremost) producer and DJ; someone who has made his mark through a careful selection of labels: Innervisions, Lossless and Optimo Music most prominently. Trikk’s reputation is one of an artist who pays acute attention to detail across every avenue – although this has resulted in a smaller production catalogue, it has gained mighty respect from fellow DJs and music lovers – dancefloors and beyond, all over.

Much like his multifaceted music, lies a multifaceted identity. Musically, his sound reflects a diverse background inspired by both music and upbringing. Crossing borders from Porto to Berlin via London – paired with his father’s Mozambican heritage – has formed plenty of experience through these different cultures. Throwing into the mix favourite bands being Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle, this has driven a multi-coloured identity; Trikk’s stamp on sound is almost hard to defy, and yet, seems all so recognisable across a wide breadth of dancefloors which embrace his presence.

Whilst logically speaking, complexity and simplicity are two states of motion which don’t stand together, Trikk breaks this barrier – blending boundaries to lands far and wide.