• Main label: Pampa Records
  • Other associations: Kompakt
  • City of origin: Jena
  • Currently located: Weimar/Quito

A prolific, beloved member of the German techno community, Weimar-based producer/DJ Gabor Schablitzki released a wide assortment of EPs throughout the late ’90s and 2000s as DJ Robag, Die Dub Rolle, Machiste, Themroc, Rolf Oksen, and, most commonly, Robag Wruhme. While the 2005 Wruhme album Wuzzelbud KK, issued on Musik Krause, was a set of predominantly all-new tracks, it provided something of a gateway into Schablitzki’s work, offering not just streamlined techno that clicked, roiled, and wobbled, but downtempo hip-hop as well. An alliance with Sören Bodner was dubbed the Wighnomy Brothers; the two DJ’d under the name, and Schablitzki used the alias as an outlet for some of his most popular productions — alternately foreboding and rollicking tracks like “Wurz + Blosse” (Kompakt Extra, 2004), “Wombat” (Kompakt Extra, 2005), and “Moppal Kiff” (Freude Am Tanzen, 2006). Under the Wighnomy name, Schablitzki released Metawuffmischfelge (Freude Am Tanzen, April 2008), an elaborately layered mix of contemporary minimal techno. He followed it with Wuppdeckmishmampflow (Kompakt, January 2011), a relatively subdued set. Another mixed set, Olgamikks (Natchtdigital, August 2012), showcased some of Wruhme’s remix work.


La carrera musical de Gabor Schablitzki está íntimamente ligada a la del proyecto Wighnomy Brothers que compartía con Sören Bodner desde principios de la década pasada. Hasta que los dos decidieron caminar por separado y entonces Gabor tuvo que centrarse exclusivamente en su proyecto en solitario conocido como Robag Wruhme. Con este seudónimo el productor de la exuda ha grabado dos álbumes Wuzzelbud “KK” (Musik Krause/2004) y Thora Vukk (Pampa Records/2011). También hizo sus primeros pasos en Kompakt con la selección y mezcla del mix en 2011 deWuppdeckmischmampflow que incluía material de Ricardo Villalobos, Claro Intelecto y Four Tet, entre otros). Vakant, Sonar Kollektiv, Contexterrior y Milnor Modern han sido otros de los sellos que han publicado material de pequeño barbudo con pinta de osito. Su estilo se ha situado siempre en el terreno del minimal techno y el microhouse. Veremos a ver en el futuro por donde van los tiros de un productor inclasificable.

Thora VukkPampa Records2011
Wuzzelbud "KK"Musik Krause, Musik Krause2004
Cellular Electrique / The MosaicThrill Beat Construction2004
Venq TolepPampa Records2019
Singles & EPsLabelYear
Zwei Maenner Im SplitMusik Krause2002
BackkatalogMusik Krause2002
KopfnikkerMusik Krause2003
Leistenhans Zwo EPMusik Krause2012
CybekksPampa Records2015
Sky And Sand (Robag's Borsi Alpakka 3 Rehand)Not On Label (Robag Wruhme)2014
Taktell / Thora VukkPampa Records2011
DonnerkuppelKompakt, Kompakt2011
Nachti Zehn ZollNachtdigital2011
ProviantCircus Company2010
DreiklangkapriolenMusik Krause, Musik Krause2010
Rekksmi SessionsFAT12inch2010
Teaser 3Total (2)2010
Abusus AddeVakant2009
LampeteeMovida Records2009
Dash ShopperFreude Am Tanzen2008
The Lost Archive ❦ 1998 - 2007Musik Krause2008
Bart Eins EPFreude Am Tanzen2007
Okkasion EPFreude Am Tanzen2006
Moppal KiffFreude Am Tanzen2006
Wortkabular (Remixes)Musik Krause, Musik Krause2005
Stekkrüben EPVakant2004
Wuzzelbud "KK"Musik Krause2004
Jena Makks EPMilnor Modern2004
K.T.B.Sonar Kollektiv2004
KopfnikkerMusik Krause, Musik Krause2003
Zwei Maenner Im SplitMusik Krause, Musik Krause2002
BackkatalogMusik Krause2002
Driven / X-mop 198Hart & Tief2016
Wuzzelbud FFHart & Tief, Hart & Tief2018
Nata Alma / Venq TolepPampa Records2019
OlgamikksPampa Records2012
DJ MixesLabelYear
Podcast 201XLR8R2011
RA.256Resident Advisor2011
Kontor Sunset Chill 2017Kontor Records2017
Domino Remixes (Vol. 1)sapiens2017
RemixedResopal Schallware2017
Domino Remixes (Vol. 2)sapiens2017
Domino (Remixes)Sapiens2017
One Of The LivingCapitol Records, Capitol Records1985
PrimusGewalt Am Objekt2001
Kontor Sunset Chill 2016Kontor Records2016
Pressing MattersHypercolour2016
In The (Last) MomentCrosstown Rebels2016
Action And Reaction (Critique Of Leisure Consumption)Adventures In Reality Recordings1983
Heads Above RemixesShanti Radio Moscow2015
Two BodiesFuture Classic2014
Post LivePolydor2004
My Boy LollipopIsland Records1980
Emoticons Stole My FaceNoistorm2006
LaunchpadOr Music2004
Electronic Imperiah: Psychedelic TranceMoon Records (2)2002
Stranger On The ShoreColumbia Records1961
Hi-Coup Butta BeatsMax'n1996
Black JerusalemIbadan, Ibadan2014
The Morning After The Night BeforeMinistry Of Sound2014
Shitkatapult #BeatportDecade ElectronicaShitkatapult2014
Mixmag Germany: Episode 005Mixmag Germany2014
Fabric 100Fabric (2)2018
DifferentResopal Schallware2018
The AlchemistSystematic Recordings2018
One Hundred Billion Sparks RemixedMesh (2)2019
Deep House Paris, Vol. 9City Noises2019