• Own imprint: Amulet
  • Other associations: Dekmantel, Sushitech Records
  • City of origin: Den Haag
  • Currently located: Amsterdam

Born and raised in The Hague on the Dutch coast, Guy Blanken grew up with electronic music. With his family and friends being a constant source of new musical input, he decided to take matters into his own hands. A fortunate decision as he struck a creative nerve that revealed his raw talent. It was at this point that the artist Makam emerged, as he mastered the art of music production and found his own unique style. In 2012 he introduced his live alias Talismann representing the harder and darker side of techno.

After holding down a residency at legendary club Trouw, Guy now considers the Amsterdam club De School and the internationally known Dekmantel Festival his home. Both Makam and Talismann have also shared their infectious vision of electronic music in some of the most respected clubs and festivals in the world like Berghain / Panorama bar, BLK|Market Membership (NYC), Womb (Tokyo), Lowlands and in various venues across South America.

After releasing several records, like the club banger ‘What Ya Doing’ on Dekmantel Records, his first album ‘How Long Is Now’ on the Berlin based label Sushitech, and ‘Girls Night’ on the Berlin based label Ostgut Ton, Makam continues to work on interesting projects. In September 2016 Dekmantel Records issued the greatly received album “Than Sadet”, which brought a mix of experimental, downtempo and house music. Guy is also currently running two labels of his own: Amulett and Talismann. Amulett was founded in 2014 and Guy started his ‘Talismann’ label in 2012 where he released four EP’s under his Talismann alias including tracks as ‘Mars Wars’ (2013) and ‘Great Britain’ (2014).

By making decisions from the heart, Guy Blanken is constantly challenging himself in his creative process which has lead him to become the outstanding producer and DJ he is today.

Makam nació en La Haya, en la costa de Holanda y creció alrededor de música electrónica. Su familia y amigos fueron un factor constante en su desarrollo musical hasta que el mismo decidió tomar a la materia en sus propias manos. Ésta fue una decisión afortunada, ya que le dio en el clavo y reveló su talento innato. Emergiendo en el medio musical, Makam dominó el arte de la producción musical y fundó su propio y único estilo. En el 2012 introdujo su nuevo live alias Talismann, el cual representa un lado mas fuerte y oscuro del techno.

Luego de haber contado con una residencia en el legendario club Trouw, Guy ahora llama “hogar” al club De School en Amsterdam y al festival internacional Dekmantel. Tanto Makam o como Talismann, Guy ha compartido su contagiosa visión de la música electrónica en algunos de los clubes y festivales mas respetados del mundo, tales como  Berghain/Panorama bar, BLK | Market Membership (NYC), Womb (Tokyo), Lowlands y clubes alrededor de Sudamérica.

Despues de haber editado varios tracks, como la bomba ‘What Ya Doing’ en Dekmantel Records, su primero album ‘How Long is Now’ en el sello de Berlin Sushitech, y ‘Girls Night’ en el sello de Berlin Ostgut Ton, Makam continua trabajando en proyectos propios. En septiembre del 2016 Dekmantel Records editó su muy bien recibido album ‘Than Sadet’, el cual presentó una variedad de sonidos experimentales, down tempo y house. Guy esta actualmente manejando dos sellos propios” Amulett y Talismann. Amulett fue fundado en el 2014 y Talismann en el 2012, junto a la edicion de su cuarto EP ‘Mars Wars’ (2013) y ‘Great Britain (2014).

Tomando decisiones con el corazón, Guy Blanken esta constantemente desafiándose a sí mismo en su proceso creativo, lo cual lo ha llevado a establecerse plenamente como el destacado productor y DJ que es actualmente.



Album Label Year
Than Sadet Dekmantel 2016
How Long Is Now? Sushitech Purple 2010
Singles & Eps Label Year
The Struggles / Kubaa Rumbaa / Androids Know Love Too Dekmantel 2015
A Night At Trouw Amulett (2) 2015
Loleatta Amulett (2) 2014
Aimé Sushitech Records 2015
Dreams Of Tomorrow Sushitech Records 2012
Dekmantel Anniversary Series Part 2 Dekmantel 2012
What Ya Doin' Dekmantel 2012
Reconstructed Disk 1 Sushitech Purple 2011
Glacial Valley Pariter 2011
You Might Lose It (Kerri Chandler JX-8P Mix) HSUS 2011
Reconstructed Disc II Sushitech Purple 2011
Hide You EP Soweso 2010
Things I Embody Sushitech Purple 2010
The Hague Soul Soweso 2009
Deep Loving Sushitech Purple 2009
New York Hustler Sushitech Purple 2009
Than Sadet Sampler EP Dekmantel 2016
DJ Mixes Label Year
PHNCST092 Phonocasts, Phonographe Corp 2013
Remixes Label Year
The Ballroom Dance Pool, Dance Pool 1995
Hush Hush PopYhtiö 2006
Imagination / Sequential Riot! Recordings 2007
Come In 2 My Space Ongoing 1997
World Full Of Weirdos Crème Organization 2013
House Train Rush Hour Recordings 2013
Sweet Freedom Dig It International 1992
Pariter Reconstructed Pariter 2012
The Politics Of Dancing Modul 2002
Feel The Heat Of The Night 2003 Epic 2003
Chica Boom RCA 1987
Broken (Remixes) 20:20 Vision 2009
Broken 20:20 Vision 2009
The Transmission Express EP Concrete Music (4) 2013
Renaissance: The Masters Series Part 19 Renaissance 2013
Balance 023 Balance Music (3) 2013
Cascade Sushitech Records 2014